red liver
Picture gallery online
A picture gallery section has been added to the website. You'll find recent and old pictures of the band as well as some nice artwork: to the gallery
Red Liver now on YouTube
Red Liver is now present on YouTube. Visit our channel, subscribe to it and be informed about the most recent publications. It initially offers the following songs in full length and high audio quality: Caravan, Rebel and Walking in Slow Motion.
Website re-launch
In order to announce red liver #1, has undergone a major re-design. More enhancements will follow in the near future, so stay tuned.
red liver #1 out now!
Our album red liver #1 is now available. Contact us to get a copy. Distribution over iTunes and other online stores will start soon.
We've got the CDs!
Didi went to the CD production site to pick up a huge box containing the first batch of CDs. Well... not just any CDs... we're talking about red liver CDs! This is nothing less than a historical moment and a major milestone in red liver's history.
Ready for CD production
After busy days of finalizing CD artwork (thanks to Matt for being patient with us), we could finally deliver the audio master and CD artwork files to the CD production site just on time. Now, it's up to the guys there to start their engines and conveyer belts.