red liver
red liver #1
#1 (2011)
1. Caravan
2. Old Man
3. Goodbye Yesterday
4. Rebel
5. The Moon
6. Walking in Slow Motion
7. Inspiration
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This collection of songs reflects the next natural evolution step in ‘slow food` music production, and is red liver’s first album. red liver was founded in Zurich, Switzerland back in 1988. The current lineup of four band members was established in late 1991, and has survived 20 years by now, including three private live concerts during that time. We all thought that it’s the right time now to go public.
Produced by red liver
Recorded at red liver Studios in Switzerland between 1992 and 2011
Mixed and mastered by Patrik Schwitter at Sunhill Project-Studio
Sleeve design directed by Renato Galli
Artwork and booklet photographs by Matthias Studer
red liver #1 will soon be available for download in iTunes and other major online stores.
We also plan to provide a web-shop on where you can mail-order copies of the CD.